Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Detroit, MI - I've heard lots of good things about Slows BBQ and finally had the chance to go. I went during the week at 2pm, and still had to wait 30 minutes. That's how popular this place is. We ordered combination dishes to try several dishes and were very happy we did. I immediately fell in love with the pulled pork. That is the best combined with the NC sauce. Mac-n-cheese, was also fantastic. Vegetarians also have the option of fake chicken sandwich was also delicious. The corn bread was dry though. That was the only below expectations review I would give.

I tried the sauces individually and was shocked that the least one I liked by itself was the NC sauce, but that it was the best actually on any of the food. I could put that on anything. It truly is my favorite now.

They also have an amazing beer list, including several from MI to support your local breweries.

Lastly, I noticed a seal on the menu that all the meat comes from farms who feed their livestock vegetarian fed meals and are not given growth hormones. This is attractive for the environmentalist in me. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Clawson, MI - A semi-new Vietnamese restaurant opened some time ago in Clawson called Da Nang. They are the closest Vietnamese place to me, not the best, but if I'm in the mood for Vietnamese food, I would certainly go there. It has a trendy atmosphere and their food is fantastic. Their prices are higher than other Vietnamese places in Warren. This is Bun Thit Heo Nuong, which is grilled boneless pork served on a bed of fresh vegetables, vermicelli topped with crushed peanuts and house special sauce. This is a classic Bun dish and of course it's delicious. The pork is seasoned well and with the fish sauce, it's fantastic. I also had to try some of their fresh spring rolls. They have shrimp, vermicelli noodles, cucumber, and mint. It's served with a peanut sauce which compliments the roll very well. It's definitely a must for an appetizer. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birmingham, MI - Cannella Patissarie is a petite place that transports you to France. This is a Crep Chocolat with Bananas. Bananas and chocolate compliment each other so well and they do the same in this crepe. It was very light and crispy on the outside with delicious rich chocolate on the inside with slices of bananas mixed in. It could probably have used a little more bananas on the inside, but there were enough for you to still enjoy them. It is served with sliced bananas slightly caramelized. If you've had crepes in Paris, then when you eat this, you'll think you're there again. It's not as good as one off the street vendors in Paris, but it's very close. If you've never been, well, it will certainly make you feel like you're there. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Auburn Hills, MI - One of my Indian friends took me to his favorite Indian restaurant, Rangoli. They had really really good food! If you like Indian food, you should really check this place out. We started with Cut Mirch, banana peppers stuffed with a tangy peanut and tamarind paste, batter-fried, sliced and topped with chopped onions, cilantro, and a blend of powdered spices. Other than a little greasy, it was very flavorful and surprisingly not that spicy. It was very delicious and everything was gone.
The spicy appetizer prepared me for my entree, Rangoli Special Spicy Dosa. Dosa is a crisp crepe made of rice and lentil flour, usually served with sambar and chutneys. This dosa is lined with chutneys and spicy curried potatoes and also served with sambar and chutneys. Well, it was spicy alright. It wasn't unappetizing, but it had quite a kick. I couldn't finish the dosa, the portion was too large, but it was excellent left overs. Both dishes were vegetarian and delicious! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

West Bloomfield, MI - There are lots of places for sushi in West Bloomfield and several people told me to try out Mene Sushi. So I stopped in for a quick bit and had their ginger salad, miso soup, salmon sushi, and a hand wrapped eel roll. I don't think there is a salad dressing better than ginger dressing. I literally can drink it, I love it so much! Mene's salad and soup was up to par with other places, but not the expectations people placed onto it. The salmon sushi and hand wrapped eel roll were both fresh and delicious. The flavor of the food hit it's mark, but the restaurant and the price is, to me, what missed. The place squeezes tables in so you're practically on top of each other and the prices are higher than other sushi restaurants. The food was good, but the place let me down. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Warren, MI - I was first tipped off about Golden Harvest by a friend and also saw an article in the paper about how "authentic" this Chinese restaurant is. I rarely go to Chinese restaurants because the dishes are Americanized for our tastes. However, at Golden Harvest, there are menu items I have never seen before and would love to try out. This was the first one I saw that I have only seen on TV. This is Chinese Conch, a large salt water snail served in a very light soy sauce base with mushrooms. I loved that it was a dish I have never had before and how delicious it was. Since it is a large snail, it's hard to compare it to escargot, but it is slightly chewy, similar to calamari but softer. I highly recommend the restaurant to try something new and definitely the conch too. Enjoy!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Troy, MI - There is a very good Korean restaurant by my house called Shilla. I've always been very impressed with their food and this time I was hoping to get a Korean dish not on the menu. I asked, but unfortunately they didn't have it, but they did have another dish not on the menu called Seafood Basket. Since it's not on the menu and they make it, you know I have to try it. It has standard veggies like red and green pepper, broccoli, and celery. For meats, it has mussels, octopus, and shrimp. The shrimp were the best on the dish, prepared tempura style, but it then soaks up all the sauces and makes it a very flavorful batter around the shrimp. The sauce was very interesting, delicious, but very hard to describe. It was a brown sauce, but not really a soy sauce base, sweet, but I pretty much drank it, it was so delicious. Korean food also comes with lots of side dishes called banchan. The most common is kimchi, fermented cabbage mixed with garlic, chili spices, and lots of other spices. Kimchi is actually any vegetable that is fermented and rolled into the spices, etc... In this case, the banchan I had was cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, bean curd, broccoli, potato and pickled radish. It's customary to take a little of the banchan with a little of the main entree and eat together. I'm not that big of a guy, but the dish was very good and everything you see here, it's gone. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Royal Oak, MI - Tapas! If you've never had tapas before, this is a great place to try it. These are tapas, Spanish appetizers, from Sangria. Most I really enjoyed and another I wouldn't get again...

This is the first dish we tried called, Manchego and Chorizo. Chorizo is a Spanish smoked sausage and gets it deep red color from dried smoked red peppers. It has a distinct smoky sausage flavor, but I was rather disappointed with this dish. The Chorizo really didn't have a lot of flavor as well as the manchego cheese. Manchego is a sheep milk cheese, usually aged for at least 3 months and also has its own distinct flavor. In my opinion, the sharper the better and this one wasn't aged enough. It had a very mild flavor and I think it should be much stronger to get the excellent flavor it offers. Both ingredients were very mild, making the dish very bland.

This by far was my favorite of the night. I could have ordered a whole plate of this and then ordered another. Another tapas called, Pincho de Solomillo or Tenderloin in Black Pepper Oil. The beef was medium-rare, extremely tender, and really melted in your mouth. The black pepper oil complimented it very very well, giving it a slight pepper heat if you will. This is the dish when you end up closing your eyes immediately after you put it into your mouth because it's so good! Definitely get this when you go there.

Lastly, we had Pulpo a la Vinagreta or Octopus and Potatoes in a Lemon Vinaigrette. This dish is served cold and also a very delicious tapas. The octopus is cooked nicely where it is not too tough and rubbery. The vinaigrette enhances the flavor of the octopus and compliments the potatoes very well. Also a dish I would get again. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trenton, MI - Did you know you could order a little dessert and breakfast at the same time at the TV Diner? This is a Creme Brulee Belgian Waffle. It is exactly as it sounds, Belgian waffle, then topped with creme brulee and slightly caramelized as creme brulee should be. Well, needless to say, you do not need any syrup for this dish, it's sweet enough. However, it's not overly powerful and really compliments the waffle quite well. If you're really hungry, I recommend ordering some protein with it, because it's all carbs, but it is quite delicious. I ate the whole thing and enjoyed every bite. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Southfield, MI - This was a new item to Sweet Lorraine's menu recently so I thought I would try it out. It is Spicy Southern BBQ Shrimp and Crispy Grits. Surprising enough, it was a very light dish, even with the grits. The shrimp were very good, but not the best I've ever had. The sauce isn't overpowering the shrimp flavor, which I thought was very good, it does compliment it well. The sauce is flavored with applewood smoked bacon, given it some extra flavor. However, I think the spicy part of it just wasn't there. The girts on the other hand, fantastic. I've never had fried grits this way and I would prefer to get it like this every time from now on. The grits are mixed with small amounts of chili spice and peppers to give it an extra kick. I was expecting the grits to be heavy, but they were surprisingly light and creamy. You taste the chili peppers right at the end of the bite. That little kick is very well placed and really give the grits a home run flavor. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clawson, MI - Usually when you go to a restaurant, you take a look at the menu and decide what you want. I, on the other hand, look at the menu and ask the server if there are dishes they make that are not on the menu. In many times at different ethnic restaurants, the staff makes what is traditionally eaten and what's on the menu can be more "Americanized". Not always, but sometimes. So, I've gotten into the habit of asking places what else do they make that's not on the menu. This is a Vietnamese sandwich from Da Nang, often referred to as Bahn Mi, but they told me the official name of this sandwich is Mi O. It is almost like a Vietnamese Bahn dish, minus the noodles. It has all the other topics, lettuce, cilantro, marinated strips of pork, carrots, cucumber, and jalapenos. Many Bahn Mi sandwiches also have a spicy mayonnaise and pate, but they didn't have both so I settled for the fish sauce that comes with Bahn dishes. To get this sandwich, you have to specifically ask them for it because it's not on the menu. They told me they could make it, but they didn't have all the ingredients such as the mayonnaise and pate. Even without it, it was still very good and enjoyed every bite. I do think the sandwiches are much better with the two ingredients, but when you have no other options in town that offer it, well, it's the best in town! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Birmingham, MI - The local bakery called Bagel Factory, you can call in orders the night before for fresh muffins. After doing this many many times, the owner's now use to me coming in and thought he would treat me to a new item. This is Manna La Simma (probably spelled incorrectly, sorry). The owner had family just return from Iraq and he said that a very common snack is this. So he pulled some from his personal amount and sent me home with it. As you can see, they are clumps stored in flour, otherwise they dry out, with walnuts in the center. The texture is very chewy, similar to taffy. At first it's kind of dry because of the flour on the outside. The taffy part is a mixture of flour, sugar, and not sure what else. I generally do not like walnuts, however, I enjoyed it because it was very light and the flavor of the taffy-like part covered up the walnuts. It's not too sweet, but just has a slight sweet after flavor. I thought it was very good and would definitely have it again. Between the taffy and walnut texture, it has a very good balance. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

West Bloomfield, MI - Feel like Italian? This will sound crazy with all the interesting food I eat, but I have never had Gnocchi. So, I was Antonios, an Italian restaurant recommended to me and thought it was a perfect opportunity to try it. This particular dish is potato gnocchi. I can say that I liked it. I wouldn't say that I love it so much I would get it every time, but it was interested. Gnocchi in Italian means "Lump", and as you can see, it's a lump or dumplings. These did not have a lot of flavor, but it does retain some of it's original flavoring. Sometimes they are made out of flour, so they take on that flavor as well. Due to the original ingredient, potato, by the end of the meal, it becomes a little too starchy. The sauce on the other hand is made from scratch and was very delicious. Most Italian sauces prepared for Americans are very salty, but this was prepared more traditional style and very little salt is added. Therefore, you get a delicious fresh tomato marinara flavor. For vegetarians, it's an excellent choice. In the future, I would prefer this dish as an appetizer rather an entree. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Southfield, MI - This is not for the weak hearted. This is an Ethiopian dish called Kitfo from Taste of Ethiopian. This is beef mixed with lots of spices that give it a BBQ flavor. However, it's a unique flavor, one in that I have not tasted before. It comes with goat cheese to help balance a nice smooth flavor and texture, salad, and extra cayenne pepper on the side to make it spicier if you like. The meat has a very interesting texture, very smooth, and surprising that it was so tender. The reason why its not for the weak hearted is because its raw! Raw beef! It's like raw kibee, but much better. The spices make it. I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Southfield, MI - Dessert should have that flavor and experience where you take a bite, close your eyes, and just enjoy. This is definitely the case with the Chocolate Mousse Cake with three layers mousse glaze from Sweet Loraines. They have very elegant, simple, but delicious deserts. The cake is very thick and fairly dense, but not too rich though. It doesn't overwhelm you to where you can't finish it. It will be gone by the end of your evening. It is plated with a drizzle of chocolate and raspberry glaze to help compliment it. With the different layers, the density and texture differ slightly, adding to the complexity and how delicious it is. Enjoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Madison Heights, MI - I'm going on a Vietnamese food kick. I'm back to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant Thuy Trang having two things I've never had before.

They had a new dish, Bun Bo Hue, on the specials that I had to try once they described it to me. The server explained that it is like Pho soup, but it is more spicy than the standard Pho, and it has some unorthodox items, such as pigs feet, brisket, some kind of salami, and pigs blood. I've never had this before, so the minute I heard that, I had to try it. I told her to stop there, I'll take it. It was spicy, but not as bad as I thought. The pigs feet were actually very gelatinous and not very tasty. The salami and brisket were very tender and delicious. I was so excited to try the pigs blood. I know, it sounds disgusting. It turns out, it's solidified into cubs, like tofu. It actually looks, tastes, and feels just like tofu. It has a slight irony flavor because of the blood, but other than that, it was very basic. I definitely recommend trying it.

This time, I tried a new milk shake. It turned out to be much better tasting than the one last time. It is a Jack Fruit Milk Shake. I did finish this one, even though I was very full. It was definitely tasty, very delicious. I highly recommend trying this one! It was sweet, but not overly sweet and has a very distinct flavor. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Madison Heights, MI - This appears to be an ordinary milk shake. Maybe even a vanilla milk shake. MMMMMM. Well, it's a little different than that. It's a Durian Milk Shake at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants called Thuy Trang. Durian is a very interesting fruit grown in Southeast Asia and is banned in many hotels throughout the region. It's banned mainly because of it's smell. It literally smells like rotting and decaying garbage. Not a pleasant smell at all. I did not have the opportunity to smell the whole fruit, just the shake, but it was enough. Without even tasting it and just putting your nose up to you, you can immediately smell how rancid it is. Tasting it almost is the same experience. I recommend drinking it in larger quantities rather in sips. I've never had this flavor before, but when you take a drink the smell immediately rushes through your nose to give you a wonderful smell of garbage. After that, the smell goes away and the flavor is actually good, not excellent, but good. It's just when you stop drinking and decide to take another sip, that's when you hesitate. I didn't finish it, got about half way through, but was massively full from my meal. However, if it were a chocolate or strawberry milk shake, I think I would have forced myself to eat it. Eating something that smells like garbage on a full stomach, not my first choice. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Detroit, MI - An evening out at the Whitney, well, it's going to be a very elegant evening with excellent food. The Whitney is a beautiful restaurant in downtown near Wayne State University. The ambiance is extremely nice and the food is perfect to go along with it.

We started with the salad called Tree Fruit. It is apple satsumas, forelli pears, topped and bottomed in a flaky pastry, pecans, bleu cheese, some salad greens, and roasted shallot vinaigrette. It was an excellent excellent dish to start the evening. The apples gave a perfect citrus flavor, while the bleu cheese helped to balance the flavor and help mild down the citrus and vinaigrette.

My main course was the sea scallops on top of mushroom peared barley and butternut squash, deep fried peppers, and beurre rouge. I would rate the dish as outstanding! The scallops were cooked perfectly, the mushrooms and butternut squash balanced the salty flavor the scallops, the rouge sauce enhanced the flavor of the two, and the peppers added the counter-texture to the scallops that finished the dish off very well. I could get this every time I'm there.

For desert, I had apple and brown butter cheesecake, wrapped in phyllo, and topped with rum raisin sorbet. Texturally speaking, it is a perfect balance between the smooth cheesecake, crunchiness of the phyllo, and the icy-shaving of the sorbet. The taste was a home run as well.

I also tried the Sweet Pleasure, layers of chocolate cream hazelnut, chocolate ganache, and hazelnut anglaise. The chocolate was decadent, but I didn't prefer the hazelnut. I usually like it, but I thought it was too much and had a stronger nut flavor than it should. Presented beautifully, but I would get it again. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

West Bloomfield, MI - The only Israeli restaurant I know of Yossi's in West Bloomfield. Some of their dishes like their baba ganoush, no one compares. Well, their deserts are top class as well. Above are home made Israeli donuts. They are jelly filled, covered in powdered sugar, and with a drizzle of caramel. It's very sweet, but fresh and absolutely delicious.

Yossi's also makes banana pancake deserts. He also offers apple flavor, but I preferred the banana. It is a delicious pancake, sweetened, covered with fresh bananas and strawberries, then topped with ice cream. Yes, it's as delicious as it sounds. We didn't leave anything left on the plate. If you save room for deserts, definitely try these, they are outstanding.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

West Bloomfield, MI - There's one thing that Detroit doesn't have a shortage of, and that's Greek restaurants. Detroit has them all over the place. It allows you to get very good Greek food virtually any time and any place around. This time I tried a place called Honey Tree with some friends. I had the Gyro Plate that had the gyro meat, typically lamb, fresh tomatoes and onions, Greek pita bread, gyro sauce (typically a yogurt base with either cucumber or garlic mixed in), and rice with tomato sauce on top. At first, I admit I didn't think the place was going to have a good gyro plate, but they proved me wrong. The gyro, veggies, sauce, and pita were excellent, but the rice was so so. It didn't have a ton of flavor and just a bit too bland for my taste. If I were to get it again, I would just get the whole thing minus the rice. The gyro, the main attraction, was definitely up to par, was deliciously prepared and seasoned well. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ferndale, MI - Who would have known there is a little bit of France in Ferndale. At Josephines, you can pick up some really tasty crepes that almost transports you to the streets of Paris. After returning from Paris, I was hoping I could find a French restaurant that serves excellent crepes. Joesephines is pretty close to it. Above is a Banana and Nutella (chocolate sauce) crepe, one that is very famous on the streets of Paris among the street crepe vendors. It wasn't as delicious as the one in Paris, not surprising, but it was close enough. The combination of bananas and chocolate are perfect together. Add a nice little sweet crepe and whip cream, really, you can't go wrong.

After dinner, they brought out a little surprise. This is a Raspberry Port, dessert wine. However, the surprise goes even further because it's difficult to see, but it's served in a dark chocolate shot glass. After sipping this deliciously sweet wine, you get to eat the cup. Imagine dark chocolate with a slight flavor of raspberry port on it. I know, it sounds delicious. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Troy, MI - I happen to stumble on this Thai restaurant called Bangkok Bistro Cafe. They had Pad Ma Ker on the menu, a dish I don't believe I had before. So, as you can see, it was one of the coconut curry dishes, but they prepared it differently that others I have had. This was much more creamy than what I was used to having. The main item is eggplant that is sauteed in the curry sauce. I about licked the plate clean. I would bet the restaurant owners thought I was crazy, it was so delicious. The creaminess was what made the dish a huge hit. The eggplant was also prepared perfectly, very tender and full of flavor. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Royal Oak, MI - Back to one of my favorite restaurants, Red Coat Tavern. I realize I do eat there too much! There is an appetizer that I've been wanting to try for so long, but it's not the healthiest option. It's the Scotch egg, which is a hard boiled egg, wrapped in ground sausage, then deep fried and served with spicy mustard. Can you stay heart attack? Well, that's exactly the reason why I couldn't have this all the time. So, I built up the courage for the artery cloger, and well, I have to say, it's worth it. I made it a little more healthy by not eating the yolk, but it probably would have been great as well. Not that it's any better not eating the yolk, the rest of it for you will surely still kill you. On the other hand, the deep fried sausage was delicious and when dipped into the spicy mustard, well, all I can say was that it was worth it. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clawson, MI - Since the food was so good at Due Venti, we had to try desert as well. These are the two we had and did not regret any of the calories! :)

The first dish was Zeppole. These are fritters of ricotta cheese, eggs, spices, and flour, deep fried into a donut. It is served with warm espresso and dark chocolate sauce. This was total heaven. The fritters were served warm and almost melted in your mouth. Once you dipped it into the sauce, they were irresistible! This dessert is a must.

We also tried the Torta Barozzi, a flourless dark chocolate cake, made with ground almonds, butter, espresso, and peanuts. It is served with homemade mascarpone ice cream. Legend has it, this recipe was invented at a pasticceria in the village of Vignola, Italy in 1897. The cake was excellent. It is rich and full of flavor and not as dense as many flourless cakes though. I loved that it wasn't as dense as other cakes. The ice cream is the home run of the dish. It is absolutely worth getting again. It has a delicate flavor and you don't often have the opportunity to have ice cream made of mascarpone. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Clawson, MI - I always look for a locally owned restaurant and one in which cares about their community and environment. My friends took me to an Italian restaurant that is just that, called Due Venti. They purchase their food from local farmers and purchase organic when they can. Their passion for their food comes out in their presentation of the dishes, but also in the flavor and execution. These are all the dishes we shared, I hope you enjoy and take the time to make it out to Due Venti.

We started with the Fritelle Ripiene de Cavolflore, cauliflower cakes. They are pan fried in olive oil, have a hint of garlic for some extra flavor, and then served with tomato caponata and a garlic-herb aioli. Make this dish part of your repertoire. Don't miss this one. The aioli sauce highlights the cakes very well.

I am a garlic lover. I would put garlic in anything, so when we had the opportunity to have Zuppa Dell'aglio, garlic soup, I wasn't going to pass the opportunity. This is a garlic and sage housemade vegetable broth, topped with mozzarella and apple crostini. It didn't have as much garlic flavor as I was hoping, but for those casual garlic lovers, it would be perfect for you.
I ordered the Tortella di Carciofi, vegetarian ravioli. It is handmade white wine pasta filled with artichokes, carrots, garlic, pecorino, basil, and mascarpone cheese, tossed in a brown butter sauce and topped with shaved pecorino. The pasta is down-right delicious when it's made from scratch. The sauce compliments the pasta very well and I left nothing on this plate!
This is Torta della Melenzana, baked eggplant. If I could have changed my dish through the dinner, I would have changed it to this one. I tried this and really didn't want to return to my own. It is eggplant, layered in a tomato sauce, caciocavallo cheese, and topped with an egg and cream custard. Even though it is much heavier than the pasta dish, the flavor is very sophisticated and delicate at the same time. It's able to deliver the individual flavors of each component without being to heavy. This is one of the best dishes that night.

Lastly, we tried the Pesci Crostosi con Pistachio, sea bass. It is pistachio crusted sea bass, pan seared and served with a citrus butter, sauteed zucchini, garbanzo beans, mint, and crumbed goat cheese. This was my least favorite. The sea bass was prepared and seasoned well, but it was a very weak flavor. It didn't have enough impact as the other dishes. Standing alone, I thought it was good, but in comparison, it fell short. The vegetables on the side tasted very well though with the sauce, mint, and cheese.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jerusalem, Israel - I forgot to include these dishes when I was blogging about Jerusalem and the definitely deserve to be up here. I can remember the name of the restaurant, but it was something like Zala's.

We started with a Bruchetta that had absolutely delicious fresh tomatoes and Parmesan cheese on top. The other dish was an Endive Salad, which was very good. The strong flavored endive is complimented with Roma tomatoes and a light oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. The last appetizer was the french onion soup that was topped with filo doe. I love filo doe and to put that on top of the soup, superb.

We then shared the Pumpkin Ravioli. Excellent. I wish it came with more, but I would have over eaten. It was spiced very well, light in flavor, but smooth. Very good and I highly recommend it. All the dishes are perfect for the vegetarian in Jerusalem. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

West Conshohocken, PA - While in Pennsylvania, I went to dinner to Stella Blu. It's a little local restaurant that has very delicious food. By some crazy chance that you're there or traveling through, stop in.

We started with the Artichoke Heart appetiser. I recommend you starting with this as well. They are lightly seared, prepared very well, and topped with a delicious spicy mayonnaise. I could have ordered another plate of this for dinner.

My entree was spaghetti with littleneck clams prepared in a white wine and garlic sauce. The pasta and clams compliment each other very well. The clams very very good and I didn't leave a single one on the plate. I probably would have one criticism, which would be that the sauce didn't have a enormous amount of diverse flavor and powerful enough flavor of one thing, but overall, it still was very good. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Paris, France - On our way back from Israel, we had a day layover in Paris. So, we get to walk around and grab some food before we leave. I wish I could say we had the opportunity to get really good French food, but unfortunately not.

Right along the river, there are several food stands that we could take advantage of for a quick lunch. There wasn't a line, so it should probably tell you something about the food. It was something simple like a chicken salad Baguette. Not bad, bud pretty straight forward, nothing adventures. Then I saw on the menu Sausage Fries. Well, that sounds adventures, so I ordered that, well, it turns out to be two sausages (not that different from hot dogs) on top of my fries. It was okay, but I was hoping for something much more crazy.

That evening I stopped in at a Brasserie to grab some food, sit outside and just observe. The kitchen had pretty much stopped making any kind of food except for the ham and cheese sandwich. So, my options were quite limited. It was a perfectly fine, ordinary, ham and cheese, with the only thing different was the cheese was grilled on the outside.

Along with the sandwich, I thought I would try their French Onion soup. The broth was very good, but I think for the onions, they used dried chopped onions. That part wasn't very good, but the broth, cheese, and fresh bread in it, was very good.

Lastly, when you're in Paris, make sure you seek out a crepe. We walked and walked and it was too late to find one, but one of my friends was successful and left a few pieces for me. The crepe made the stop over in Paris. It is so good. This one is banana and nutela chocolate. It was rich, but not too heavy, filled with flavor, and all around delicious. This was the best part of any meal there. Enjoy!