Friday, September 20, 2013

Eastern Market, Detroit, MI - Corridor Sausage Co; You can try sausages from one place to another and there will be some variation, but small. You may detect a hint of a different flavor here and there. Well, it's time to change. It's time for a sausage that doesn't taste like any other one you've had. The flavors will make you close your eyes and think about what a wonderful world,....oh I mean, sausage it is. Yes, that good. I don't hand out five stars for any reason.

These sausages are locally produced in Detroit with pasture raised meats and all poultry coming from MI. They use non GMOs and fresh herbs, which you will tell immediately by tasting these delicious herbs in every bite.

My absolute favorite so far is the Turkey & Red Mole that has tomatillo, chilies, cocoa nibs, raisins, sesame, and spices. The intense flavors of these ingredients really shines with this sweet and slightly spicy mixture. Nothing compares. My latest love from them is the Apple, Sage & Pork that has dried apples, coriander, sage, and maple. This is giving the turkey and red mole a run for its money. This one reaches a little higher on the sweetness factor and less on the spicy side as compared to the mole. The sweetness is still controlled and not overwhelming. When eating these side by side, determining which bite to end with was extremely difficult. I believe you'll fumble with the eternal question as well.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find them in any stores, only at the farmers markets in Royal Oak and Eastern Market. They may be at others as well, not sure. They always have samples out, take advantage of all the options and find the one that makes you reach your happy place, it won't be just one, I promise.
Detroit, MI - Green Dot Stables; Throw out the idea of a traditional slider, the look, texture, and flavor. Now throw out the menu and replace it with an updated modern flare, opposite textures, and outstanding flavors. Why would I ever want a traditional slider now.

I've now tried their Corned Beef, Hot Brown, BCT, Korean, Lamb, Bologna, Cuban, Truffle Fries, Tempeh, Mystery Meat (changes daily, Blackened Ahi Tuna, Lobster Claw on the days I was there), Le Poutine, Gyro, PB&J W/ Bacon, and Buffalo Chicken.

It's difficult to describe each one, but one of my favorites so far is the corned beef. Their Mustard Aioli is perfect with the corned beef. It has great contrast of the tart mustard and the saltiness of the corned beef. You'll wish it wasn't the size of a slider, more like a huge deli sandwich since its so good. The other surprising slider is their Tempeh. This is a slider that will make every vegetarian salivate and love each bite. It has a thick cut of tempeh and wasabi mayo with wakame salad. Be prepared to lick your fingers clean after eating this slider. It truly is an excellent harmony of texture and flavor.

Green Dot is the only place I want to have sliders now. In my mind it is the ONLY place for sliders. It has variety, originality, flavor, excitement, and texture. I need no more.
Ferndale, MI - One-Eyed Betty's; They may be known for their beer selection, but they should not be known for their Louisiana sandwiches. Their Po Boy with shrimp and oysters, was a failure. What was there was okay, but it's what wasn't were. The fries saved them from a one star rating.

The sandwich was suppose to have some shrimp and oysters on it right? I found a few and wish I could evaluate the sandwich, but it really didn't have enough to have an opinion. What was there, I suppose it was fine. The breading was fine, but the flavor wasn't outstanding and even good. It was, well, .... "I've experienced better".
Southfield, MI - Gastronomy; With mixed reviews from my foodie friends, will the name just be a gimmick or will they be able to deliver true gastronomical well designed food? In visit one, not so much, just the hype, but on visit two, hit the mark.

On the first visit I had their Naan Chips & Hummus; Half Grilled Cheese; Apple Quinoa; and Walleye Chowder. The two items that were good were the chips and hummus and the walleye chowder. These naan chips are flavorful, not too greasy, and has good balance with their hummus. The chowder was delightfully creamy with nice little chunks of fish throughout. The two that was not so good...the grilled cheese and quinoa. The grilled cheese had milder cheese so it was harder to identify the cheese. The real negative to this dish was how the grilled cheese was overly greasy. Is not the "tastes good, but unhealthy" greasy, it's the "it's hard to finish it" because of how greasy it is. The quinoa was over flavored withe their citrus acid. It was over lemon-ed or something. Not that good.

Visit one would have scored probably two stars.

Visit two, I tried their Box Lunch: crab cake with cabbage slaw, miso soup, beet salad, housemade vinegar and salt chips, with a bumpy cupcake for dessert. They get an extra star for this visit. The crab cake was delicious with the right crunch from the cabbage. The flavor of the crab came right through. The miso soup wasn't exactly the best I've ever had nor did it have the exact flavor from a Japanese restaurant, but it decent. It was still tasty with a nice miso flavor, but it taste a tiny bit watered down. The beet salad was by nice, with a light amount of dressing. My only issue with the salad was that it was mostly lettuce and should have had more beets. The chips were delightful. Homemade, crunchy, lightly salted, and a mild vinegar flavor. Now that bumpy cake, wow was that great. It was deliciously soft and sweet.

This box lunch convinced me to gladly try out gastronomy again.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

West Hollywood, CA - Sweet Lady Jane Bakery; Walked right past this place and the desserts in the window were enough to convince me to walk in and start eating. I couldn't settle on one item and any place that makes rugelach, I have to try it

Starting with the Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Rugelach. It is made well and was a worthy rugelach. The outside coating of cinnamon was backed in well and the inside was still soft and moist. If they sit too long, they get dried out, but it was still fresh.

When a cannoli like the Janolie is in the case, anyone in their right mind would not walk past it and ignore it. It was cannoli-like style pastry with white chocolate mousse and a florentine cookie. The dark chocolate at each end is perfect to close off each side. The white chocolate mousse is slightly on the sweeter side because of the white chocolate, but not overwhelming. The star in this cannoli was the florentine cookie. It has this wonderful crunch to it and I think the flavor is better than the standard deep fried cannoli shell. If I had the choice between the two, I would pick the florentine each day of the week and twice on Sunday.