Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Philadelphia, PA - Green Eggs Cafe; Who has red velvet pancakes? Not too many places, which is when the opportunity presents itself, you can't pass it up. I asked the server they taste more like pancakes or more like wedding cake. She said pancakes and warned me that they a very large. What she should have said was its extremely huge and it is for three people.

The Red Velvet buttermilk pancakes are made with chocolate morsels layered with strawberry mascarpone and topped with fresh strawberries, maple syrup and chantilly cream. Ready for your dessert breakfast? This breakfast is truly for three people. It's hard to tell from the picture, but look at the size of the strawberry compared to the pancake. Use that as a reference. I only ate the corner and was stuffed. I don't think it taste much like pancakes and is more like a cake because of how thick they are. The mascarpone is deliciously sweet in the middle. The chocolate morsels were a delightful surprised inside. It gave it a little more sugar, that it probably didn't need, and added the extra texture.

Since I was in carb overload, I ordered a side dish of Pork Chorizo. I needed the additional protein. It was nicely cooked, not dried out, and had a small amount of heat.

FYI...I ended up taking home around 80% of the pancakes :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Philadelphia, PA - Amuse; Rather having lunch from the conference buffet, I thought I would abandon that ship and sail off on Amuse. This single experience at Amuse made me want to go back and try everything.

After placing my order, the server starts me off with their Chef's Welcome Palate Cleanser, sliced radish with supposedly salted butter. They could have saved this and would have received a five-star rating on the sandwich. This was a disappointment. I don't believe it offered any kind of cleanser. Presentation was nice, but it was just a raw radish slice with unsalted butter. Yikes.

The Pulled Pork Sandwich gets five star, no questions asked. The pork is deliciously marinated and extremely tender, served on a brioche bun. It doesn't have any of those fried onion strips that other places use to add texture. They use house made giardinera vegetables that are in a vinegar marinade.  These vegetables alone make the pork and the whole sandwich sing. You'll take a bite and you'll get the perfect marriage of vinegar crunch from the vegetables to the bbq tender pork. Seriously, I wish this sandwich could come in a foot long version, I would eat the whole thing.

The sandwich is served with Pommes Frites. Although presented attractively and spiced adequately, they were a bit soggy. Either they sat in the back, it wasn't cooked to order, or under cooked, they didn't have a nice crunchy outside. Too bad, after the sandwich, I had extremely high hopes for everything else.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Philadelphia, PA - Numa; Trying to find a place open late to even server carry out was tough in the city during the week.  I was surprised to see how many restaurants closed by 9pm during the week. Numa was still open, just barely, so I tried a quick carry out.

I tried their Spicy Tuna Roll and Salmon Sashimi. I was happy to see the freshness of the fish and rice even that late at night. There wasn't anything super special about either one, but that said, neither were bad, poorly made, or not taste fresh. Therefore, it's worthy of additional visits and eating