Thursday, May 31, 2012

West Bloomfield, MI - Zayeqa; From the name of the place, it doesn't make you want to stop in and try it, but you should. However, when you do, be careful on what you try, some are very very good and others, well, you'll look at it and say, "Are you kidding me?"

I started with the samosas, which were very typical samosas, nice fried crunchy flaky outside.  Inside was filled with delicious spices, veggies, and potatoes. It wasn't the best I've every had, but it was still good.

I then had the chicken hakka noodle.  I know, it sounds like hakka lougy.  It's far from that.  This dish is unique into its own.  The sauce is one that is not familiar and really allows you to try a new flavor.  I highly recommend trying it.

I also ordered the paratha, traditional bread with it.  This they could have kept.  It is very similar to nan at Indian restaurants, but it was flavorless and very oily.  No point in this.

My friend ordered the beef kabob, that's where we said "Are you kidding me?".  It was a full bowl of rice along with two tiny skewers of beef.  I'm not sure what the rice was doing there.  There wasn't any sauce to eat it with and you may eat a little with the beef.  He ended up with three quarters of a full plate of rice with nothing to do with it.

They were all out of manchurian chicken, which is what I wanted.  Maybe next time.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Detroit, MI - Jacques' Tacos; I'm going to keep on driving by.  I'm a sucker for good food trucks and probably would stop at a good one even if I just ate and was full.  However, Jacques, I tried at the Royal Oak Food Truck Rally and it was almost a one star'er.  Maybe it's because I just had tacos from another truck and had a point of comparison, but after a bite of each taco, I didn't want anymore.  I should probably give them another shot just to make sure that it wasn't a one time occurrence, but all three tacos were very very dry and flavorless.  We tried the pork belly,. chicken, and beef.  I didn't want to finish any of them, so I could save room for other trucks with better food.  The only redeemable factor on the tacos was at least they are served on corn tortillas, to be a more authentic taco.  Authenticity stops there.  That's it, that's all they get for their tacos.  :(

The tacos they bombed on, but they did the chips justice.  This was what saved them from the one star review.  They taste fresh and lightly covered in a pleasant seasoning.