Friday, May 23, 2008

Blantyre, Malawi - Chocolate time! Hot Chocolate time! This is the Chocolate Sizzling Brownie from an Indian restaurant. It comes with the brownie placed onto a very hot plate with ice cream on top. On the side is the chocolate sauce and you pour it over the ice cream and when it hits the hot plate, it immediately starts to boil and sizzle. This is one desert, you don't want to miss. It is delicious and great for any chocolate lover. Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blantyre, Malawi - While in Africa, I found an Ethiopian restaurant, so of course I had to try it. I found out that really only travelers end up eating there and Malawians really stick to their own food. So, I had to try this out and it was very similar to Ethiopian food in the US as well. The fresh Mango Juice, however, was fantastic. No extra water, ice, flavoring, just pureed mangos. It was fantastic! The lentil dish was equally fantastic, but the bread was different from what I'm use to. It had the same flavor, but it was thinner and grainy. While it was still good, I would have preferred the smoother style bread. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blantyre, Malawi - I know, it looks pretty disgusting. Since fish (Chambo) is very common, we went to a Chinese restaurant and they had Sweet and Sour Fish. Chambo is also usually served whole, yup, it definitely is. It turned out to be very good. Anything deep fried is always tasty! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

West Bloomfield, MI - I was told to try out a Caldian restaurant called New Saharas. Years ago when I was younger, several friends were Caldian and they would be very gracious to invite me over for dinner. Well, I really fell in love with the food. The recommendation was to get a few different things off the menu and one that is not even on the menu. That's usually my favorite. The first picture is of pickled cabbage. It's a nice vinegar flavor, but you use pita bread and dip it into a homemade ranch dressing. People come to the restaurant just for the dressing, it's so good. Some customers just purchase the dressing to go. Well, the whole meal is delicious with the dressing. Anyhow, the next picture is something not on the menu and you have to ask for it. It is called Cahre. It is a tomato stew usually with potatoes in it. You take that and pour it over the rice. This makes for an outstanding dish to eat. Lastly, is the Beef Cream Chop. It is a deep fried steak, similar to a country fried steak. Anything deep fried is delicious, but of course, once you also dip this into the ranch dressing, it's to die for. Enjoy!