Monday, July 05, 2010

West Bloomfield, MI - Ninja Sushi is one of my coworkers and I, favorite sushi restaurants to visit for lunch. Why? The staff is amazingly wonderful, but that's not why you go out to eat, right? It's for the food...and for you to return and return and return, it has to be very good. Ninja Sushi is one of those places. The owner treated us to a special appetizer, Snapper Tempura. I'll just call it heavenly appetizer. It's red snapper prepared tempura style with a blend of three sauces on the side. One of the sauces was a soy sauce reduction, one of the others I believed was a mango reduction, and I'm not sure what the third was. With the combination of the three, we wiped the plate clean. I think when no one was looking, I may have used my finger to wipe up more of it. When you're there, ask for it, you'll enjoy it. Enjoy!