Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clinton Township, MI - Rheinland Baked Goods. There's something about bread that is so delicious. I can sit and eat freshly made bread any day and all day. The Bagel Factory started selling this bread out of their shop, but stopped shortly after. I later found the baker and owner at the Birmingham Farmer's Market with their large assortment of bread made that day, right here in the Detroit area.

I should really try all their breads, but once you fall in love, you can't stray. I tried their German Sweet Bread and I was sold. Why would I want any other bread. The best things about this bread is that it's slightly sour dough flavor, very faint, but then the contrast of the sugar on top. It has chopped dates and almonds inside to give it an extra sweet flavor, but also texture. Really, the best part is the coated sugar on top. It gets all over your fingers and you're just forced to lick them all.

One more thing, don't think this loaf is going to last very long in the house. I promise it'll be gone in two, three days max.

Since driving to their store is just too far, I pick up their bread at Plum Market. It's not as fresh as it would be right out of their store that morning, but I'm satisfied with the trade off. Get it, it's delicious and the owner/baker was so nice when I met him.

***In their store, CASH ONLY****