Saturday, March 20, 2010

West Bloomfield, MI - Looking to order an item not on the menu? Feeling a little adventurous? At La Shangila during lunch, you should try their Dim Sum. They are small Cantonese appetizers that you pick right off a cart they bring around. Be prepared to be a little aggressive on what you want and what you don't want. If you don't, they be happy to put down on your table what they want. You can also special order dishes from the back. Here's the opportunity to order a dish that doesn't come around on the cart.

This is Salty Shrimp, dim sum portion. They will ask you if you want it whole or cut. If you're adventurous, order it whole. It comes with the head on it. If you're not so much, then tell them "no head". Salty shrimp is a common Chinese dish that many Chinese people order whole, according to the waiter. The other piece of advice he gave me was to make sure you chew well because the head and the shell can sometimes be a little sharp. Good advice I thought. :) The shrimp is lightly battered and salted and deep fried. They are very delicious and I now get it every time I'm there. I think the head gives it a little extra flavor, don't miss out on it. Enjoy!