Friday, February 29, 2008

Southfield, MI - A delicious desert after a fantastic meal at the Taste of Ethiopia. This is fried plantains in a homemade caramel sauce and you get the choice of either soy or regular vanilla ice cream. This was so delicious and I now get it every time I'm there. The dish is called Afo Plantain and definitely get it when you there. I had the soy ice cream it was delicious. It was very soft and a little icy, which really was very good. I couldn't tell the difference at all. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oak Park, MI - Yet Thai food again! This is Nam Sod from Sukhothai. It's a cold salad and delicious. It's minced chicken on top of lettuce in a lightly sauteed lime sauce. It also had fresh tomato and cucumber. It's very very good. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Madison Heights, MI - This was great Vietnamese food. This is Pho Dac Biet from Thuy Trang. They have very authentic Vientamese food and it's delicious. If you have every had Pho soup, this is the Pho with everything. It has beef, tendons, meatballs, and tripe. It's a plethora of meat in a delicious beef broth with noodles, fresh bean sprouts, mint, jalopeno peppers, and green onions. It also comes with a side of hoisen sauce and Vietnamese chili paste to mix into the soup to make it sweet and hot! Mix it to your liking and enjoy every bite! It's a small little mom and pops place and it's fantastic! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Berkley, MI - Tasty food at Sweet Lorraines! A simple lunch at this place turns into a feast for the afternoon. I started with a dish I thought was slightly unusual, at least, not very common, Clam Ceasar Salad. I wasn't sure how the flavors were going to compliment each other, but it turned out very well. I would be very happy to order this again. In the center, was a fused parmesian cheese waffer-like piece and it was delicious. I'm not sure how they did that, but it was good. We then had two kinds of desert. The first picture is of a Cherry Chocolate Cheese Cake and the second is a Mix Berry Layered Cake. I would get both again, but the Cheese Cake stood out in my mind. The Mix Berry Layered Cake was very soft, moist, and abundant of berry flavor, but it was a little too much cake for me. On the other hand, the Cheese Cake was perfect. It had the perfect amount of cherry flavor that didn't overpower the chocolate flavor. Well done Sweet Lorraines! Enjoy!