Monday, July 23, 2012

Detroit, MI - Supino Pizzeria; I'm looking for original, creative, delicious and local pizza places, when I find that Supino fits the bill. In the heart of Eastern Market, Supino lures you in off the street, starting with the smell of freshly made pizza.  Lets say you resist and only peek into the window at the poor couple that realizes that your staring at them. When you walk in, you can let them know that you were staring at the pizza.

Their 18" looks like suitable for a woolly mammoth. Depending upon how many people you have in your group, you may take some home. We tried the very unique and featured pizza on Bizarre Foods Detroit episode, the Bismark "One Egg". It's a slice of balance between saltiness and savory, hence pure bliss and zen. Make sure you take the time to appreciate the crust. It's a beautiful piece of art work that is hand tossed, thin, and not made in some factory delivered frozen to the store. The mozzarella is just enough to add the savory balanced flavor to the salty prosciutto. Then you complete the balance with the heartiness of the egg. Since the egg is in the middle of the pizza, don't forgot to dip the pizza into the egg other wise only your first bite will have the egg on it. Dip well and you won't have to double dip and not leave any egg to waste.

I'm salivating just writing about this pizza!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Southfield, MI - Debra's Foods; Each granola has it's own unique combinations of ingredients, flavors, and texture.  Some are very bland, well I suppose many are very bland, some are more clumpy than others, and others are made on the other side of the world without you being able to determine where your food comes from. Along comes Debra's Max's Granola flipping the flavor of granola on it's head.  I tried for the first time at the VegFest in Novi this year and now I am willing to track them down where ever they sell it.  The problem is that they don't have a store. They mainly sell at farmers markets, so I pick mine up on Saturday's at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.

What's perfect about the flavor is that is has the excellent balance between salty and sweet.  The hint of brown sugar, along with the small amount of salt, combined with the small shavings of toasted coconut, and finished off with the pecans that have sugar in the groves of the nut make this granola special.  The other ingredients are the standard components, but these are the ones that make this one sale well above their competition.

They normally sell for $7 a piece or 3 for $20.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Detroit, MI - Bert's Market Place; This is straight up BBQ. You start walking through Eastern Market and you first get this smell of, "oh, someone is BBQ'ing".  Continue walking and ask yourself, what's that crowd up ahead?  Next you can see the grill with slab after slab of ribs. You know you found a serious BBQ going on.

The only unorganized part of the whole experience is, where is the line, do I stand here or there, and getting your food, well, you'll just about ask the same questions. You may have an additional question of, why did they get their food before I did, the you'll ask it again when the next person gets their food and you still haven't.  Then you'll have to ask, what's going on with my order, oh, it's coming right up.  So, stay on top of this.

Now you finally received your food. It's good...very good. Wonderfully tender, dunked in a tangy BBQ sauce, falling off the bone fairly easily.  They offer smaller sandwich orders as well so you're not stuck eating a full or half rack.

Bert's is a staple of Eastern Market and I would love to stop and pick up a few ribs every time I'm there.