Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mvuu, Malawi - Even though the resort did not serve traditional Malawian food, they still did an excellent job of presentation and flavor. We first started with a vegetarian spring roll. It was deep fried and packed with all kinds of veggies. It was an excellent start, but it was a little heavy to begin. I was slightly worried if I was going to be able to eat the meal as well. As you can tell, it was definitely not a tiny, wimpy, spring roll.

The entree was sauteed eggplant in a spice I don't believe I've had before. I didn't recognize the flavor, but it was very good. I could not allow myself to waste any of it. It was served with potatoes au gratin, which were good, but I primarily focused on the eggplant. The meal also had a two little condiment side dishes, one being fried pairs, and the other is sauteed cabbage. Over all it was an excellent dish.

We then finished the meal with a lemon meringue pie. I was very eager to start it, I actually took a bit and then realized I didn't take a picture yet. It was wonderfully sweet and delicious, but after all that food, of course I couldn't finish it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mvuu, Malawi - The Mvuu resort feeds you very well, very well indeed. Malawi's staple food is Chambo (fish) and chips (fries). They prepared a very delicious version of Chambo, deep fried, and standard chips. The Chambo is typically served whole, but the clientele at the resort may not like it very much, so they serve fillets. Either way, it's still quite tasty. It was also served with a side of vegetables and macaroni and cheese. The macaroni and cheese was surprisingly very good and cheesy! I didn't expect it to be very good, just some basic mac and cheese, but it surprised me. The chef added some spices for flavoring that really enhanced the flavor of the dish.

The desert was a fruit plate, that to me, looked a lot like a little bird. Don't you think? Anyhow, it was very fresh and a nice little dollop of cream on top for some extra sweet flavoring. Enjoy!