Tuesday, May 31, 2011

San Antonio, TX; El Mirador Restaurant - I arrived in San Antonio and just about everyone tells me to make sure I get a puffy taco before I leave. El Mirador gave me the first shot at it. Here we go, what I've been waiting for since I arrived.

Lets start by saying that we were able to sit out on their wonderful patio taking in the breeze and fresh air. Ok, margaritas are flowing and all around at almost each table. The puffy taco arrives, one chicken and one beef. I ate the first one, which one was it, not really sure since I don't remember, and on to the second, yeah, the same feeling. The shell had the "puffy"ness to it, but it was still soggy and very greasy. If I'm going to feel guilty in eating something like this, let it knock my socks off so I could care less about how unhealthy it is. Now I just ate an artery clogging dish and didn't even really taste anything. My verdict, not very good and hope to try the puffy taco somewhere else.

Wait, wait, it's not over. They are able to salvage the 1, maybe 1.5 star rating into a 3! All credit goes to the Chamade Vegetarian Enchiladas. Ok, now we're talking about a truly unique dish with a fist full of flavor. These aren't standard enchiladas with bean and cheese, but unique flavors and wonderful ingredients. They are potato filled, but it's the sauce you want. It has this wonderful citrus undertone with fantastic cheeses and assortment of greens to compliment it. I had to give my compliments to the chef on this dish. This could easily turn carnivores into omnivores. Enjoy!

Monday, May 30, 2011

San Antonio, TX; Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe - The draw to the Twin Sisters was the sweet potato muffins. I have a weak spot for sweet potatoes, so all you have to say is that its used in some unusual fashion and I'll show up. On this case, they didn't disappoint. However, on the other levels, they missed their mark.

This is a nice little place to stop in for a breakfast that's off the regular path downtown. I tried the Huevos Rancheros and overall, not too bad. I would have given the place three stars for it. It was average, I ate the whole thing. They would have also received three, maybe four stars with the muffin because I thought it was pretty tasty. However, where they lost a star was the Huevos Rancheros came with one tortilla shell. I could purchase more, but could I at least get three maybe? There was no way I could extend the life of that poor single tortilla, I'm setup to fail. The other hit against them was that the place wasn't that clean. We sat at a table in the window, nice view, but noticed there was food on the floor, little pieces of scraps. Ya, not what I really wanted to see while I eat. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Birmingham, MI - Le Petite Prince; Le Petite Prince is truly a gem on multiple levels. First and foremost, their pastries. Every level of their showcase has real French pastries with labels also in French. Can this shop get anymore French? No, because there's more to convince you. How about the French daily made bread behind the counter? Want more evidence? Lastly, when the owners come out from the back room speaking French, that should do it.

You can practice your French, which I try to do, but they probably just laugh at my terrible accent, grab some freshly baked bread, but whatever you do, do not leave without an almond croissant. I have tried them at so many places after here and none of them compare. They are perfectly flaky on the outside, has thinly sliced almonds on the outside that have been slightly toasted from the oven, and the inside is heaven. It is soft, moist, wonderful almond paste that isn't strong at all, but has enough flavor to remind you its there. The paste is delicate and the rest of the pastry finishes with that same delicate flavor. Make sure you go early enough because they'll sell out later in the day.

If you go, please save one for me!


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Birmingham, MI - How About Lunch; This is a basic little place. Not much to it though. Its only for lunch and plan on taking it to go since that's your only option. It is perfect for a quick lunch on the go and from the name, you can probably guess when you can stop in for, lunch only.

I tried the fruity albacore tuna Pita and I'm not sure why but I did have higher expectations. I was thinking of nice large chunks of tuna and it turned out to be tuna salad. You can see my disappointment. However, they saved it by adding wonderful chunks of apples to it. It gave it some texture, sweetness, and that addition flavor it needed. I should also add that it was not made with too much mayo, just the right amount.

The other downside was the pita bread. It was just regular old pita. I'm not sure if its baked there, but it doesn't seem as it is. It looks, feels, and taste like plain old store bought pita bread.

In the showcase they did have pretty tasty looking salads that I'll go back to try.

With it being a locally owned small business, I'm willing to give it a few more tries.